Tour du Mont Blanc Kilian Bron X Skoda We Love Cycling

The Famous Tour Du Mont Blanc : Kilian Bron x Skoda We Love Cycling

Benjamin facing Mont Blanc, or rather back to Mont Blanc, because Italian side!

As soon as Season Guiding was created, our first trip project quickly arrived. With a name in the world of the MTB: KILIAN BRON.

The idea was simple: create a contest on social networks, in partnership with Skoda, to recruit two riders who will have the chance to ride the Tour du Mont Blanc in Kilian sauce! But KILIAN had another idea in mind, to share his experience on the creation, organization and management of a trip, with among others the layout, the media team, the weather/human/mechanical hazards.

So our role was to find the route, and manage the whole trip (accommodation, transport, etc.)

This video report format is new and allows you to immerse yourself in our daily lives!

And you’ll probably want to follow us on one of our trips!

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